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Choose from a wide variety of carpet flooring fibers

Friday, May 6, 2022 4:40 PM

Carpeting offers an assortment of outstanding features that cater to your most important requirements. Fibers play a significant role in many of these benefits, which means they are critical for achieving your overall flooring goals.

If you’ve never experienced carpet in your home, it’s worth your time to learn more about it. It could give you the results you’ve always wanted, so here are some facts to consider.

Nylon for high-traffic areas

Nylon is an excellent choice for areas that are busier than most, like hallways and living rooms. In addition, these fibers offer excellent elasticity, which means the floor covering fibers bounce back after wear.

Polyester for stain resistance

When you choose polyester, you’ll want to plan to install it in low-traffic spaces. While not as wear resistant as nylon, it offers more stain protection for better performance over time.

All-natural wool for warmth and color

With wool fibers, you can expect some of the most brilliant colors in flooring. These fibers are warm, durable, and long-lasting, but don’t expect them to perform in damp or high-traffic areas.

Added features for perfect results

If you have an abundance of traffic or live with children or pets, ask about carpeting with built-in stain protection. This benefit means that permanent stains are not likely to happen, and the materials are easier to clean.

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